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Why Home Prices are Still Rising Despite the Global Pandemic

To say the economic news coming out lately has been disconcerting would be an understatement. Statistics concerning job losses, furloughs, and unemployment figures have pointed to upheaval in the global economy as a result of social distancing measures, which were put in place by governments to contain the global COVID-19 pandemic.

But according to recent data from, there is one statistic that should give homeowners (especially potential sellers) some comfort—home prices still appear to be on the rise. In the week ending April 25, the median home list price ticked up by 1.6% annually, compared to one year ago. The data comes from the 99 largest metropolitan areas.

To be sure, price growth was higher a few months ago, when prices were rising by over 4% prior to the lockdown. But this is still a positive sign given the turmoil in other segments of the economy, and could provide reassurance about the stability of the housing market for those considering buying or selling their property.

So why do housing prices appear to be holding steady despite uncertainty in the broader economy?

First, it could be that prices are “sticky”, according to Chief Economist, Danielle Hale:

“The slight increase this week is because prices are sticky. Home sellers are strongly resistant to lowering prices, and they’d gotten really close to declining, so we see a bounce-back. I don’t think this is a return to big price increases.”

The second reason might have to do with the reduction in inventory. The number of homes for sale has been on the decline for years, leading to a much publicized housing shortage in many parts of the country. Low inventory and high demand tends to drive prices up as more buyers compete for fewer houses.

And, after the pandemic hit, available inventory has plummeted. Some estimates put the decline of annual inventory at upwards of 17% compared to last year. Meanwhile, according to the data, the number of new listings has plummeted by a whopping 43.1%.

People are pulling their homes off the market, or waiting to list them because they’re worried about their own economic prospects, concerned with moving during such an uncertain time, or believe that the health risk of having strangers visiting their property isn’t worth it. In any event, listings have slowed, which has helped keep prices of homes that are on the market fairly high.

So, despite the constant deluge of health and economic news, home prices appear to be holding steady. This is good news for anyone who is considering selling, or wants confidence that they’ll be buying a home that has value. It might also give buyers and sellers an edge in a market where many others are choosing a “wait and see approach.”

As always, if you’re thinking about buying or selling a property, or have any real estate questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out. Even during these difficult times, there are still great opportunities for sellers and buyers. Our team is happy to support you along the way. Call Us!


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Country Club of the South – Alpharetta GA, 30022

Country Club Of the South picture

Alpharetta GA Homes for Sale – Country Club of the South Luxury Homes for Sale

Interested in purchasing a home or ready to sell your home in Alpharetta GA – Country Club of the South Neighborhood? We are the Neighborhood Experts and will provide you with all the data and history of the neighborhood you would need! Country Club of the South is located in the prestigious North Atlanta community of Alpharetta and is a unique community. Its wide variety of price points provide broad appeal and have allowed many residents to trade-up houses in Country Club of the South as their success has allowed.


Experience North Atlanta’s Premier Private Club

The beautiful Country Club of the South offers an idyllic private haven where Members enjoy exceptional golf, premier tennis and swimming facilities, exquisite cuisine as well as genuine Southern warmth and hospitality. The perfect club for the busy family, our people and world-class facilities combine to create a fun and relaxing environment for family and professional activities.

  • With a recently completed clubhouse renovation and fun activities and amenities for the entire family, membership at Country Club of the South is the perfect complement to the friendly, welcoming spirit of the Atlanta community.
  • Play a round on the prestigious 18-hole Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, voted one of the “Top 20 Best Courses in Georgia” by Golf Digest
  • Unwind around the fire pit with friends on the outdoor patio lounge
  • Dig into tantalizing culinary delights in casual and upscale dining venues
  • Meet new friends at the Tennis Center complete with six soft and six hard tennis courts
  • Share family time at fun-filled Club social events
  • And much more!


Click the link below for instant access to Active, Pending and Sold Homes listings in Country Club of the South, Alpharetta GA, 30022:


180 Days Real Estate activities in Country Club of the South: Report as today’s date of 08/10/2016

  • 48 Active Single Family Detached Country Club of the South homes for sale, as today’s date of 08/10/2016. Highest asking price is $5,125,000 and lowest asking price is $558,900;
  • 0 Contingent – Due Diligence Country Club of the South homes for sale, as today’s date of 08/10/2016.
  • 3 Pending Sale – Country Club of the South homes for sale, as today’s date of 08/10/2016. Highest asking price is $938,500 and lowest asking price is $689,900;
  • 22 Sold Homes – Time Period: 02/10/2016– 08/10/2016. Country Club of the South homes SOLD. Highest sold price during this period was $1,550,000 and lowest sold price was $554,000.


Residential Appraisals: The facts about Real Estate Appraisals.

Residential Appraisals: The facts about Real Estate Appraisals. Real Estate Appraisals are a necessary step in the home buying process.  There is a lot of confusion out there regarding the truth about appraisals.  Some people are confused about their purpose and often think of them as home inspections.  Some people think that a low appraisal for their home is the kiss of death.  People should take the time to learn the facts about real estate appraisals.  The more people learn beforehand, the better prepared they will be to tackle this crucial step.

Your home loan approval is contingent upon the results of the real estate appraisal. It is as simple as no appraisal…no loan.  Since very few people have the ability to pay for a house with cash, the appraisal is going to be necessary.  A loan is never going to go through without an appraisal.  The purpose of the appraisal is to establish the home’s market value.  The sales price will be based on the market value.

The main goal of the appraiser is to protect the lender.  Lenders don’t want to be stuck with property that is not worth its price tag, so the appraisal must be completed before the lender will approve the loan.  The information contained in appraisal is invaluable to the lender.  The lender will study the details of the appraisal before reaching a final decision.  It makes sense.  If they are going to be funding the transaction, they should be aware of the property’s value.

The lender will often dictate the choice of appraiser.  It might have one in house or through a contract with an independent appraiser.  If you go with your own choice for appraiser, they may be subject to final approval from the lender.

Residential properties are normally appraised using either the sales comparison approach or the cost approach.  When using the sales comparison approach, an appraiser compares the property to similar properties that have sold in the area and bases the market value on the comparable properties.  The cost approach is based on the costs to build, which means it is more appropriate for new properties.

The actual appraisal reports are very detailed.  They contain information about the subject property along with comparisons of a few similar properties.  There is an evaluation of the overall house market within the area.  The appraiser will then list any issues that he or she feels might diminish the property’s value.

The next component is a list of any serious problems like bad roofs or weak foundations.  The appraiser then gives an estimate of the sales time for the house.  Finally, the report will indicate the type of property.

It is important to note that the real estate appraisal is not the same thing as an inspection.  The appraiser might make note of any problems they see, but they are not responsible for declaring if your home is in good condition or not.  They are only responsible for assessing the property and determining the market value for the lender.  A home inspection is a different process altogether.

Real estate appraisals only include the home, the land, and any improvements to the land.  It does not cover any personal property that might be sold with the house.  The buyers should purchase those items separately.

Everyone fears the possibility of a low appraisal.  It happens all of the time, usually during closing.  There are some things you can do to remedy this common but stressful situation.  The buyer can make a larger down payment.  If this is not feasible, the seller and buyer can negotiate the price some more.  Additionally, the appraisal can always be disputed.

What all goes into an appraisal?  Appraisers are looking at the condition and size of the house, its proximity to good schools, and the size of the lot.  Appraisers do not look at dirty dishes or overflowing laundry baskets.  They do care about chipped paint, broken windows, and appliances that don’t work.

You can also dispute a short appraisal. Lenders cannot communicate directly with appraisers, but you can. If you think the appraiser overlooked important information about the home or comparable properties in your neighborhood, you can either reach out to the appraiser, or you can hire a different appraiser for a second opinion (at your own expense). If you do seek a second opinion, make sure that the appraiser is state-certified and approved to work with your lender.

You can also walk away. If the sellers accepted your offer, but the appraisal comes in too low, you don’t need to purchase the house. Often, the sellers will negotiate at this point, because otherwise they’re back to finding another buyer.

How to avoid a short appraisal. Before making an offer, do your homework. Keep an eye on the real estate listings for the neighborhood where you’d like to live. How much do houses sell for? Are they on the market for months, or are they snatched up quickly? You may not have access to all of an appraiser’s tools and calculations, but a lot of data is available on the Internet and through public records.

 Few Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Home Appraisal if you are a Seller hopping to get the top dollar for your property, a buyer eager to have a lender sign off on a loan or a homeowner wishing to complete a cash-out equity line refinance or getting more bang for your buck out of an appraisal. Low ball appraisals can kill deals, but fortunately there is a lot you can do to help boost the appraisal value of a particular property.

  1. If you have made improvements and updates to your home over the years it is a good idea to detail these upgrades in a report and hand this list over to your appraisal. Remember, part of the appraisal process is looking at your home’s previous sales and comparing the property to similar houses in the neighborhood. If you’ve added an additional bathroom, bedroom, garage, screen porch, additional heated square footage, finish-out basement and the records don’t show, you’ll want this fact rectified and taken into consideration. The same goes for updates done on your kitchen and bathrooms. If your home was built on or before 1975 but you updated, gutted and replaced the electrical, plumbing and heating system recently, this is something that your appraisal shall know.
  2. It’s important to remember that the appraisers are people, too. Don’t presume they’ll use their professional experience to look past children’s toys scattered across the home and backyard or dirty dishes. First impressions matter just as much with your appraiser as they do with potential buyers. Always do your best to maintain the look and feel of your home as clean and cared as possible.
  3. It is okay for your house to look lived in, but certain things like carpet stain, signs of rodents or insects, overgrown landscaping will affect the overall rating of your home. If your home looks uncared for your appraiser may start to wonder if a lack of attention to maintenance issues are present as well.
  4. Curb appeal matters! It really does. Maw the lawn, pull those weeds and do the edging. Add some potted flowers by your front door and replenish the flower beds. Giving your landscaping the fresh look is very important! You want to distinguish your property and make it stand out on the day the appraiser is set to arrive.

    Alpharetta GA 30005

    Exterior Home Renovation. Picture before renovation.

  5. Alpharetta GA 30005

    Exterior Home Renovation which improves the home value. Picture after renovation.

  6. A fresh coat of paint provides more return of your investment than any other home improvement! Not only a fresh new look yield to a higher appraisal, but you will more likely to sell the home more quickly at a price closer to what you are asking.
  7. An experienced real estate agent can also help you determine whether an offer is reasonable and likely to get a favorable appraisal.

Appraisals are not being conducted by just anyone off the street.  Real estate appraisers are trained professionals licensed by the state in which they work.  They are qualified for the work they do by completing state certification requirements like exams and continuing education courses.  This line of work demands strong critical thinking skills and the ability to interact with different groups of people.

When you are buying real estate it is important that you have professional representation, and you should not settle for anything than the best. The Kimmig Team is representing all types of buyers and sellers, from luxury homes, to first-time home buyers. We are here to help you and in deciding about the Re-sale Value of your future real estate purchasing. Visit our website at and start searching for 1000’s of homes today! Take advantages of lower interest rates and start living your dream.

Remember: The facts about Real Estate Appraisals – Real Estate Appraisals are a necessary step in the home buying process.


Online Auctions: Buying your Home Online

E-commerce is rapidly expanding to the real estate market.  Sellers are looking to auction off down payments, lease agreements, or selling the home outright. Individual homeowners and real estate agents are turning to the Internet as an avenue for sales.  Buying your home online can be a risky venture.  On the flipside, there are some great deals out there.  If you decide to take this path, you should be aware of the challenges associated with buying a home site unseen.  The more educated you are, the better.

First of all, the home could have major structural issues not evident in an online picture.  Pictures don’t always tell the whole story.  It has also become much easier to doctor photographs.  You have to consider the possibility that some sellers might not be as truthful as they should be.  After all, they are trying to sell the property, so the sales description is going to emphasize the positives and downplay the negatives.  Getting a fixer upper is one thing.  Living in a house that is structurally unsound is a completely different matter.

Secondly, you must make sure that you know your property rights.  If you are buying land, you must make sure that you can have the utilities you want.  There might be restrictions that are not specified on the auction site.  There would be nothing worse than buying the property for your dream home and then discovering that you cannot have utilities.

Another potential hazard to buying your home online is not knowing anything about the area.  It would be well worth your time to do some investigating.  Is the property in an area that is prone to flooding?  Is the property accessible by car?  These are things that the seller might not mention in their ad.

Also, it is easy to become a victim of online fraud.   There is really no way to regulate the online auctions.  The auction companies have their own guidelines in place to circumvent illegal activity, but with the high volumes of online business activity every day, it is hard to police every transaction.  The government may eventually step in and try to pass laws that will protect online consumers.  Time will only tell, so until then you have to keep your guard up.

On the positive side, it is important to note that online auctions are not legally binding.  The companies are not actually licensed to sell real estate; therefore, they are not true auction houses.  The service that they offer is advertising to potential buyers.  It gives buyers and sellers the opportunity to communicate with one another online and work out a legally binding contract after bidding ends.

When placing an eBay bid online, you should be aware that there are two types of bids: “Binding” and “non-binding”.  The term binding is not entirely accurate because it does not result in a legally binding contract. A Binding real estate auction means that you have placed a bid with intent to buy.  If you don’t live up to your end of the transaction, you will receive negative feedback.  It won’t result in legal problems, but it can hurt your business potential on EBay.  Everyone looks at the feedback and most people won’t do business with someone if they have a lot of negative feedback.  A non-binding bid simply means that you cannot receive negative feedback if you fail to complete the transaction.

Always take the time to review the auction companies’ policies and procedures.  There should be a link to them on the main page. If you have trouble locating them, contact the company directly.  You should be able to email them any questions that you may have and they should respond to your inquiries quickly.  Try to talk to people that have a lot of experience with doing business online.  It seems like just about everyone has some experience with online auctions.  They may have some horror stories, but don’t let that discourage you.  You can learn a lot from the mistakes of others.  If you prefer reading to chatting, there are also several books about the subject.  Visit the technology section of your favorite bookstore and you are bound to see a possible resource. Take all of the advice and use common sense when entering into an online real estate deal.  You will emerge as the winner and have a fabulous home to show for it.

When you are buying real estate it is important that you have professional representation, and you should not settle for anything than the best. The Kimmig Team is representing all types of buyers and sellers, from luxury homes, to first-time homebuyers. We are here to help you and in deciding about the Re-sale Value of your future real estate purchasing. Visit our website at and start searching for 1000’s of homes today! Take advantages of lower interest rates and start living your dream.

Remember: Online Auctions: Buying your Home Online can be a risky venture!




Alpharetta GA Homes for Sale – Windward – Windward Luxury Homes

Windward- Alpharetta GA, 30005

Windward- Alpharetta GA, 30005

Alpharetta GA Homes for Sale – Windward – Windward Luxury Homes

Looking for luxury homes for sale in Alpharetta GA – Windward? We are the Neighborhood Experts and will provide you with all the data and history of the neighborhood you would need! Windward is located in the prestigious North Atlanta community of Alpharetta  and is a unique master planned mixed-use community, which was designed for you to live, work and play without having to drive all over town. Its wide variety of neighborhoods and price points provide broad appeal and have allowed many residents to trade-up houses in Windward as their success has allowed.

The 3,400-acre, community is set among the rolling, wooded hills of North Fulton County. More than 2,600 families call Windward home. It is located immediately off Georgia 400 in Alpharetta, 15 miles north of I- 285, and 26 miles from downtown Atlanta. The area is home to some of the best public and private schools in Atlanta.

Windward residential part has over forty distinct neighborhoods, each of them offering an attractive mix of home styles and price ranges from $200,000 to over $4,000,000, homes which can accommodate diverse taste and lifestyles. Windward neighborhoods have been designed to take full advantage of the spectacular 188 Acre Lake Windward views and the Golf Club of Georgia.


Click the links below for instant access to Active and Pending Homes for Sale listings in Windward, Alpharetta GA, 30005:

Real Estate activity in Windward: Report as today’s date of 04/28/2015

  • 61 Active Single Family Detached Windward homes for sale, as today’s date of 04/28/2015. Highest asking price is $3,998,000 and lowest asking price is $325,000;
  • 1 Contingent – Due Diligence Windward homes for sale, as today’s date of 04/28/2015. Asking price is $799,000;
  • 19 Pending Sale – Windward homes for sale, as today’s date of 04/28/2015. Highest asking price is $875,000 and lowest asking price is $189,000;
  • 132 Sold Homes –  Time Period: 04/28/2014 – 04/28/2015.  Highest sold price during this period was $2,395,000 and lowest sold price was $184,000


  • Admiral Ridge. Admiral Ridge consists of 31 homes many of which back up to the Golf Club of Georgia’s Creekside course. The homes range from medium to large and are set on 0.4 to 2 acre lots.
  • Ardsley Park. Ardsley Park is a gated neighborhood situated at the entrance to the Golf Club of Georgia. It boasts 46 exceptional medium to large homes on 1/4 to 2/3 acre lots. Lawn maintenance is included in the HOA fees.
  • Bay Pointe. The gated Bay Pointe neighborhood is in the middle of the Golf Club of Georgia’s Lakeside course. These 29 fantastic large homes sit on 1/2 to 1.4 acres lots, many of which look across the golf course to Lake Windward, while others back up to a signature par 5.
  • Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill features about 70 homes, many abutting the Golf Club of Georgia’s Creekside Course. Homes are medium sized and set on 1/4 to 1 acre lots.
  • Lake Windward. Located north of Lake Windward, many of Bent Creek’s homes are on sites next to the Golf Club Georgia’s Lakeside Course. The large homes are on 1/3 to .8 acre lots.
  • Providing all the quality that made John Weiland one of Atlanta’s finest builders, the Bluffs feature 132 traditional homes on wonderfully wooded lots on the southern side of Lake Windward near the Windward Lake Club (Swim / Tennis / Marina) and is the first neighborhood as you come in the main south entrance to Windward.
  • Broadlands – Windward, Alpharetta, GA. The Broadlands are 29 larger homes on larger lots are on the south of side of Lake Windward. Lots are one to two acres.
  • Chasewood is on the north side of Lake Windward with many of the 51 homes backing up to the Golf Club of Georgia’s Creekside course. Chasewood is easily accessible from the east end of Windward Parkway. Lots range from .34 to .8 acres.
  • Clipper Bay. The Clipper Bay neighborhood runs almost the full length of the south shore of Lake Windward and the high ground above, providing most homes either lake shore or lake views. Clipper Bay Dr., Flying Scot Way and Schooner Ridge are the main streets of Clipper Bay. The larger homes and lots are directly on the lake, but all the homes are of good size.
  • Clipper Cove. Clipper Cove overlooks the cove at the east end of Lake Windward, and has easy access from the east Southlake Dr. entrance. There are 51 homes in Clipper Cove and include the Builder’s Show Homes from 1991.
  • Compass Pointe. Compass Pointe is a neighborhood of 67 homes many of which back up to the Golf Club of Georgia’s Creekside course. Accessed from Windward Parkway on the north side of Lake Windward, the lots are from .3 to .9 acres.
  • Creek Ridge. Creek Ridge is a neighborhood of about 40 home on the north side of Lake Windward , many of which back up to the Golf Club of Georgia’s Creekside course. Creek Ridge features lots ranging from .3 to 1 acres and is accessed either from the main southwest Lake Windward Dr. entrance or from the Club House Dr. entrance on the north.
  • Creekside Place. Windward’s newest neighborhood, Creekside Place boasts 17 superb homes built by Ashton Woods at the entrance to the Golf Club of Georgia. Lawn maintenance is included in the HOA fees.
  • The Enclave at the Golf Club of Georgia is a gated adjacent to the entrance to the club. It has 19 exceptional homes on lots from .6 to 1.8 acres.
  • The Fairways are made up of 7 patio homes nestled against two holes of the Golf Club of Georgia’s Creekside course.
  • Fieldstone is on the north side of Lake Windward nearest the northeast Windward Parkway entrance to Windward. There are 59 medium sized homes on medium sized lots n Fieldstone.
  • Gleneagles is located on the east side of Windward, accessible from the east Club House Dr. entrance to Windward. There are 31 splendid patio homes in Gleneagles, about half of which back up to one of the par four water hazard holes of the Golf Club of Georgia’s Lakeside Course.
  • Graystone is on the north side of Lake Windward, accessible off of Windward Parkway. It is an intimate neighborhood of 53 medium sized homes.
  • On the north side of Lake Windward, Greatwood is made up of 54 large homes on large wooded lots with some backing up to the Golf Course of Georgia with views of the hole and club house.
  • Greatwood Glen. Greatwood Glen is a gated neighborhood with has 70 exceptional homes on medium sized lots, many with backyard views of the Golf Club of Georgia. Lawn maintenance is included in the HOA fees.
  • The Hamptons are the first neighborhood as you enter Windward from the east end of Club House Dr. There are 60 medium sized homes on medium sized lots in the Hamptons.
  • Harbour Ridge. Harbour Ridge is an intimate 58 home neighborhood just north of the lake near the dam and overlooking the cove. Harbour Ridge residents also have access to their own marina.
  • Harbour Walk. Harbour Walk is an intimate 50 home neighborhood just north of the lake near the dam and overlooking the cove.
  • Hillcrest is located on the north side of Lake Windward off of Windward Parkway. It is a 20 home neighborhood and about half of the houses back up to the Golf Club of Georgia’s Creekside course.
  • Lake Shore. One of the premier neighborhoods in Windward, most Lake Shore homes either back up to the Golf Club of Georgia’s Lakeside course or to Lake Windward or can view the lake across the street. These are 71 large home on large lots.
  • The Landings have 70 medium to large homes on 1/3 to 1 acre lots on the eastside of Windward. Newport Bay Passage and Caney Creek are the two main streets with several cul-de-sacs providing enticing curb appeal as you visit the area.
  • Lighthouse Point. On the north side of Lake Windward nestled against one of the Golf Club of Georgia’s Lakeside courses par fours are the 6 exquisite home of Lighthouse Point. These large home on large lots with wood and golf views are accessible from Club House Dr.
  • Just off of the east end of the Golf Club of Georgia is the neighborhood called Linkside. Accessible from the east Windward entrance on Club House Dr., Linkside boasts 38 medium to large homes on medium sized lots.
  • On the north side of Lake Windward, backing up to the Golf Club of Georgia’s Creekside course, Longcreek has 16 medium sized homes on 1/3 to 1/2 acre lots.
  • Mariners Ridge. With about half of the homes backing up to the Golf Club of Georgia, Mariners Ridge offers 41 comfortable medium sized homes on approximatively 1/3 acre lots on the north side of Windward.
  • Meridian Pointe. Meridian Pointe is the first neighborhood on the north side of Windward Parkway at the north Windward entrance. There are 22 homes many of which back up to the Golf Club of Georgia.
  • Newport Bay. Built on the east end of Lake Windward, Newport Bay is a neighborhood built on the large semi-circular Newport Bay Dr. Its open-gated concept features 116 medium to large homes with many backing up to the Lakeside golf course or Lake Windward. Yards are from ½ to 1 acre. In 1992, six homes in Newport Bay were the focus of the Street of Dreams event.
  • In conjunction with their efforts at excellence in building the Golf Club of Georgia, Fuji Development invited the top builders in Atlanta to put forth their best efforts in building the homes in gated Northshore neighborhood. These large homes on large lots are exceptional with many Lake Front and golf course lots running along the north shore of Lake Windward. The neighborhood also has two tennis courts, a swimming pool and clubhouse for its residents.
  • Lake Windward. Oak Tree is located on the south side of Lake Windward at the east end. The medium sized homes provide affordable comfort with all the amenities that Windward offers.
  • The Peninsula is a gated neighborhood within a gated neighborhood surrounded by Lake Windward and the signature holes of the Golf Club of Georgia. The 13 very large homes and lots are among the best in all Atlanta.
  • Signal Pointe. Signal Pointe is an intimate neighborhood of 12 homes just north of the dam off of Lake Windward Dr. About half of the homes back up to the Golf Club of Georgia. Its location provides quick access to the Sports Park, Boat Launch Park and the Windward Lake Club.
  • Southlake Woods. On the south side of Lake Windward, off of Southlake Dr. is Southlake Woods. Set in the wooded hills this neighborhood provides medium homes on 1/3 to 1 acre lots. Lakewind Way, Lakewind Ct., Peace Creek Tr. and Stonehaven Ln. are the main streets, all with cul-de-sacs at the ends.
  • Southpointe is a neighborhood of 89 medium sized homes on 1/3 to 1/2 acre wooded lots. It is on the south side of Lake Windward and easily accessed from the east Southlake Dr. entrance to Windward.
  • Our charming New England Fishing Village neighborhood of 55 cluster homes is called Spinnakers. Located on the south shore of Lake Windward many of the home have shoreline and docks. Spinnakers also provides for lawn maintenance in the HOA fees and some external maintenance to be done on the homes. One gets to Spinnakers from the south Lake Windward Dr. entrance.
  • At the north end of Windward, situated against one of the more challenging water holes on the Golf Club of Georgia’s Creekside course, Tidewater has 44 medium sized home with many of the homes seeing wonderful views of the hole through the pines and across the water hazard.
  • Walnut Creek. Located on the north side of Windward off of Windward Parkway, Walnut Creek is a wonderful neighborhood of 58 medium to large sized homes on medium sized wooded lots.
  • Windward Cove. Tucked in on the north side of Lake Windward just past the dam is the patio home neighborhood of Windward Cove. Many of the 32 homes have shoreline and boat dock access with wonderful views across the lake.
  • Wynridge is located on the ridge on the north side of Windward, with some homes backing up to the Golf Club of Georgia and some able to see the beginning of north Georgia Mountains from their windows. The neighborhood features 82 medium sized home and medium sized yards.

Please visit our website to search Homes for Sale in Alpharetta, GA 30005.  Call Us to schedule an appointment to view these homes. We love hearing from you and we are happy to help.

Alpharetta, GA Homes for Sale – Windward.

Cumming GA Homes for Sale Creekstone Estates – Creekstone Estates Luxury Homes

Looking for custom built luxury homes for sale in Cumming GA Creekstone Estates? As residents and realtors of Creekstone Estates we are the Neighborhood Experts and will provide you with all the data and history of the neighborhood you would need! Creekstone Estates is a newer upscale community with large beautiful homes / custom built, family oriented neighborhood, great tennis and swimming teams, kids play ground, and a beautiful Club-House. Good location: Creekstone Estate is located in Fosyth County just on the border with Fulton County. The residents take advantage of the Forsyth County lower taxes compare with adjoining counties and enjoy the Alpharetta and Johns Creek city living. Excellent schools! 10 for Shiloh Pointe Elementary School, 10 for Piney Grove Middle School and 10 for South Forsyth High School!!

South Forsyth High school is the only school in Forsyth County which offers an IB Program (International Baccalaureate). Most of the Creekstone Estates homes for sale, are single family Traditional and European Style with large lots and minimum 3 car-garages. The majority of Creekstone Estates Homes are built on full terrace level basement.

One year period of real estate activity in Creekstone Estates: 04/20/2014 – 04/20/2015

  • 11 Active Single Family Detached Creekstone Estates homes for sale. Highest asking price is $1,750,000 and lowest asking price is $735,000;
  • 1 Contingent – Due Diligence Creekstone Estates homes for sale. Asking price is $799,000;
  • 4 Pending Sale – Creekstone Estates homes for sale. Highest asking price is $1,149,000 and lowest asking price is $929,000;
  • 23 Sold – Creekstone Estates homes for sale. Highest sold price is $1,520,000 and lowest asking price is $620,000

To search for all Homes for Sale in Creekstone Estates Cumming GA please follow the link: and Call Us to schedule an appointment to view this homes. Cumming GA Homes for Sale Creekstone Estates.

Resale Value of Homes : An important factor to consider when you are buying a home

Resale Value of Homes:  An important factor to consider when you are buying a home


Resale Value of Homes exterior 4

Resale Value of Homes is a very important factor to consider when you are buying a home! A home is more than a place to live. It also represents a major financial investment. Most of us will buy and sell several homes over the course of our lifetime, so it is important to consider the resale potential of each home you purchase —before you buy it.

Consider your intentions when you go looking for a new or new-to-you home. Are you searching for your dream home, a place you hope to hang your coat for a long time? Or perhaps you are looking for smaller, lower-maintenance place to ease you into retirement?

Maybe you’ve spotted a hot market and are hoping to turn a profit with a fast buy and a fast sell sometime in the near future. Your plans for your new house and how long you intend to stay there can affect its re-sale potential. For example, the trendy new neighborhood where your house is located may not be so trendy and popular ten years from now.

Regardless of your intentions, there are several other factors that will affect the re-sale potential of your home. First among these is location. You’ve probably seen house-for-sale advertisements boasting about a home’s location, and it’s true, location is very important.

Today’s preferred location may not be the same five or ten years from now, but many of the elements that make it desirable will be the same. Large lots, mature trees, wide sidewalks, proximity to schools, shopping and public transit are all features that increase an area’s lasting appeal and will therefore fetch higher re-sale prices than homes in areas that do not offer the same advantages.

When thinking about location, you should also consider the population and economic growth trends in your city or town, and in which direction growth appears to be moving.

Demographics can also come into play when it comes to home re-sale value. With baby boomers heading into retirement and their ‘golden years’, one-level homes with wide passage ways and rooms large enough to accommodate wheelchairs may become more popular in certain areas, while suburbs filled with young families may put more of an emphasis on large yards and ample public green space and playground facilities. Try to learn about a town or city’s population before you purchase a home there.

Be aware of the features that sell. Peruse local real estate advertising to find out the most desirable attributes in the area in which you want to buy. You may notice that homes with one bathroom sell for less than homes that have more bathrooms, or that homes with old, inefficient windows sell for less than those with newer, vinyl-clad windows and energy-efficient panes.

The same can be said about a variety of features including closets, number of bedrooms, fireplaces, swimming pools and kitchen functionality. Don’t despair, however, if a dated or less desirable home is all you can afford: outdated houses present an opportunity for renovations and upgrades that can vastly increase their value and re-sale potential.

With a small investment and a little work, you can turn a fixer-upper into cash in your bank account. The profit margin increase can be significant enough to justify enlisting the help of a professional to help with major projects.

A residential building inspector can also help you identify the ‘shelf life’ of a home you are considering buying. A thorough inspection report will give estimates on the lifespan of major home components such as the roof, furnace and driveway.

If several of these components are reaching maturity at or near the time you want to sell, the re-sale potential of the home could be devalued as a result of the impending repairs. Take these timelines into consideration if you plan on moving in the near future, or if your cash flow will be compromised during the same period in which upgrades will become necessary.

Buying a house should be about meeting your needs and desires, but a little forward-thinking can mean an easier sell, and even a profit, a few years in the future if your needs change or you want to move on.

A purchase designed to meet your current needs while accommodating future re-sale potential is a smart investment that will help you fund a bigger, better house when the time comes, or to create a little nest egg for future investments or retirement. Considering the re-sale value of a home before you buy it takes little effort but produces great routines – all in all, a logical thing to do.

When you are buying real estate it is important that you have professional representation, and you should not settle for anything than the best. The Kimmig Team is representing all types of buyers and sellers, from luxury homes, to first-time home buyers. We are here to help you and in deciding about the Re-sale Value of your future real estate purchasing. Visit our website at and start searching for 1000’s of homes today or CALL US at 678-469-5685 and we’ll be happy to do the search for you! Take advantages of lower interest rates and start living your dream.

Remember: Resale Value of Homes is a very important factor to consider when you are buying a home!

Home Warranties: What are they and do you really need one?


Resale Homes in Atlanta. Home Warranty

Resale Homes in Atlanta. Home Warranty

A home warranty is not much different from a warranty you might have on your car, your computer or your home entertainment center.  A warranty on your home usually covers all of your home’s major mechanical systems, including hot tubs, pools, wells, septic tanks and all of your appliances.  Some policies even cover the roof of your home and almost anything else you’d like to include, as long as it’s specified in the policy.

Home warranties are obtainable for most any dwelling, including mobile homes, condominiums, town houses and manufactured homes.  They can be purchased by either the buyer or the seller; some sellers will include a home warranty policy to make purchasing their home more attractive.  Including a home warranty with the sale is an excellent idea, especially if the home is older and the systems and appliances are aging.

Since the policy can be purchased at closing, the seller doesn’t have to come up with the premium out of pocket.  Further, the cost of the policy can be split between the buyer and the seller, depending on the terms of the sale.

Home warranty policies are generally effective for one year and are renewable.  However, you can expect to pay a little more for coverage each year, as the items covered continue to age.  This is reasonable. Policy costs vary according to the list of things covered, but an average cost would be between $350 and $600 per year.  Obviously, when obtaining a policy it is important to be specific about coverage.  You can expect to pay a small co-payment when the repair person responds to make a repair.  This is an industry standard.  Your payment will range from $50 to $100 per visit.

Most plans cover all major appliances and systems, with external structures being typically omitted. Additional coverage can always be purchased, but that will lead to higher premiums.

Benefits of having a home warranty plan are many. Some of them are as follows:

  • Budget protection against unexpected repairs and replacement costs;
  • Service from qualified, experienced and licensed repair technicians;
  • No need to search for a trusted contractor;
  • Irreparable appliances will be replaced for you;
  • Increase value of the property at the time of sale.

According to a Gallup poll, 79% of buyers and sellers surveyed rated home warranties as one of the most important aspects of buying a home.  These policies are not like hazard insurance, which covers losses due to fires, storms and accidents; home warranties cover normal wear and tear breakdowns.

A new home and its major systems are usually warranted by the builder for at least one year; thereafter, your home warranty policy coverage will take effect.  Be sure to understand the limitations and intent of your home warranty.

As an example, should your microwave oven catch fire and damage your kitchen cabinets, your home warranty would cover the cost of the microwave; your home owners insurance would pay to fix the cabinets.

Before buying your home warranty policy, you should shop around and find the best and most cost-effective provider.  Get recommendations from your mortgage company, your builder, your friends, and from the Better Business Bureau.  Obviously, some companies are better and more reliable than others.  Ask specific questions:  Do they subcontract their work?  What is their normal response time?  If your freezer stops running you need someone to respond quickly.

When trying to decide whether or not you need a home warranty, the rule of thumb is: the older your home, the more you will benefit from a home warranty policy.  Most systems and appliances covered under a home warranty can be expected to last at least 5 years.  Therefore, during the early years of your new home, the home warranty policy may not be necessary.

As the components of your home age, the need for a home warranty policy becomes more critical.  It is obviously more attractive to pay $400 or $500 in policy premiums than shell out several thousand dollars for a new furnace or even several hundred for a new refrigerator.  The policy will easily pay for itself if a major home system has to be repaired or even one major appliance has to be replaced.

If you’re the owner of rental property, you should definitely consider a home warranty policy.  Unlike the appliances and systems in your own home, you have little, if any, control over the frequency and manner in which these things are used by your tenants.  Odds are that you will have to replace or repair items and systems more frequently in your rental property than in your own home.  As a landlord, your home warranty policy may very well save you money, but just as importantly, it can buy you peace of mind.

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Tips for Buying Luxury Real Estate in Atlanta GA at a Lower Price.

A lot of real estate investors shy away from buying luxury real estate because they are afraid that they may have to pay through their noses in order to afford it. However, this does not have to be the case. There are plenty of luxury homes for sale in Atlanta that are relatively priced. Therefore, the investor will own the home of their dreams, and still have some money left over. In the past, there have been homes in the region that have been sold at a significantly lower price. One of the major examples is the Le Reve Estate north of Atlanta which was sold at 75% less than the asking price. The following are some of the tips that all real estate investors should follow if they want to purchase luxury real estate in Cumming, Atlanta, Milton, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Duluth or any other area in Georgia at a lower price.

Buy foreclosed homes
The real estate bubble bust left a lot of homes foreclosed. The banks and mortgage lenders are simply trying to recover their money. A lot of luxury homes in Atlanta, Buckhead and Roswell were affected. Therefore, there are plenty of luxury homes for sale in these areas. Unfortunately, a lot of traditional buyers never look for foreclosed homes when they want to purchase luxury real estate. The good news is that foreclosed homes can save the luxury home buyer up to 40%. Foreclosures for high-end real estate are usually advertised in a couple of real estate listings, and the buyer has to sniff around and do a little digging in these places in order to get a great luxury home for a lower price.

Short sales
A short sale is when real estate property is sold for a lower amount by a homeowner who wants to avoid the negative implications of a foreclosure. Such a homeowner is usually unable to pay the mortgage on the home. They therefore negotiate with the lender to sell the home at a cheaper price than the debt that they owe. Short sales are usually significantly cheaper, and the home buyer can save quite an amount of money. They should know where to look in order to get information on available short sale or pre-foreclosure homes in the Georgia area.

Distressed properties
Distressed homes are usually sold ‘as-is’. This means that the owner or lender will not make any effort towards repairing the home. Therefore, their condition is usually questionable. However, because of this, the price of distress real estate is usually significantly lower. At times, a luxury home may have stayed in the market for a very long time due to its high asking price. There are luxury homes that have been unoccupied for more than three years, and therefore, there is no one to maintain them. The home may also be vandalized during this time, or squatters may have lived in it and damaged it. There are also some distressed properties that may have been damaged by previous owners. There are some people who may go out of their way to significantly damage a home out of anger because the bank is about to foreclose it. There has been an increase in the amount of distressed luxury homes in the Georgia area, and buyers can take advantage of this by buying such homes and renovating them slowly. However, they should work with a certified appraiser and contractor in order to determine if buying the distressed property is really worth it.

Luxury real estate auctions
These are usually less common, but they provide the home buyer with the opportunity to buy their dream home for significantly less. There are times when a person’s real estate property may be seized because of investigations. If it is determined that the home was bought through illegal or fraudulent money, it will be auctioned off so that the money can be recovered. Such homes will often be sold for significantly less to the highest bidder.

Real Estate Owned or Bank-owned property
Sometimes, even after listing the luxury home in pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, or auction listings, the luxury real estate property may still not get a buyer. Such property usually reverts back to the lender. The bank may negotiate with the IRS so that any tax liens on the property are removed. They may even do a few repairs. A home buyer may look for such a home and make an offer to buy it. They should be prepared to haggle with the bank by making several offers so that they can purchase the luxury home at the cheapest price possible.

Why luxury real estate investors should consult real estate agents
There are a lot of buyers who usually try to get luxury homes in Atlanta, Roswell, Buckhead, Alpharetta and other areas in Georgia without the help of a real estate agent. This is a bad idea, and they are likely going to pay a higher price for the home than they need to. Real estate agents usually have their eyes and ears on the ground. They know homes that are about to be listed as short sales before they even go on the market. They usually have connections in banks and lending institutions, and they know of luxury homes that are about to be foreclosed or auctioned off. This knowledge is invaluable for a home buyer. The real estate agent can also negotiate with a bank so that the buyer can get the lowest selling price for a Bank-owned property. Therefore, it is always better for a buyer who wants to buy a luxury property in Georgia for a lower price to invest in a good real estate agent.


There are plenty of luxury real estate homes and property in the Atlanta region. A good real estate agent will know where these properties are, and they can advise their client on how to buy them at a significantly lower price.

Are you in the market for luxury homes for sale in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek, Cumming, Buckhead or Roswell?

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The River Club in Suwanee GA, Gwinnett County

The tranquil beauty of the lush banks of the Chattahoochee River creates a dreamy atmosphere in this luxurious gated community approximately 35 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. The River Club, despite being a short drive away from a plethora of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, feels like a world away due to the unspoiled beauty of Gwinnett County and the country club’s secluded location. Tucked away in Suwanee, this gated community has easy access to I-85 and GA 400.

Quick Facts

  • This riverside enclave was developed by Crescent Communities, which also developed the prestigious Sugarloaf Country Club. Like its sister community, the River Club is home to an impressive golf course designed by Australian golfing great Greg Norman. The signature golf course has the distinction of being a designated Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.
  • The River Club is sprawling; it encompasses a total area of around 700 acres defined by Suwanee’s rolling and wooded terrain. The neighborhood features plenty of open space as the planned total of residences amounts to around 396 homes only. This makes the River Club exclusive, and with its impressive array of amenities, highly sought after.
  • School-age children are offered top-notch education from Gwinnett County Public Schools, hailed as one of the best public school systems in the region.
  • The natural beauty of Chattahoochee River and its surrounding area, which is owned by the National Park Service, is well complimented by the River Club’s collection of Adirondack-styled lodge residences reminiscent of luxurious mountain retreats.

Community Features and Amenities

  • 18-hole signature golf course designed by Greg Norman
  • Access to the Chattahoochee River Walking Trail
  • A mountain resort-inspired clubhouse called The Lodge, which houses a spa retreat, and various dining facilities
  • The Lakeside Sports Center, featuring tennis courts, a tennis pro ship, swimming pools, and community programs.
  • Kids’ Club, open to children ages 3-6


The Manor Golf and Country Club in Fulton County

Located in the affluent city of Alpharetta, the Manor Golf and Country Club is one of the premier country club communities in North Atlanta. The Manor features wide and comfortable open spaces and luxurious amenities that will please even the most discerning resident. The exclusive community offers approximately 400 home sites within its sprawling and picturesque 750-acre location in Fulton County.

Quick Facts

  • The Manor is home to the only Tom Watson-designed championship golf course in all of Georgia. The verdant 18-hole golf course is set to challenge novices to expert golfers.
  • Enjoy the privileges of the White Columns Country Club and the Atlanta National Golf Club as the Manor is part of the Sequoia Club. Not only do you have access to the Manor’s exceptional golf course; you’ll get to experience the equally world-class amenities of White Columns and Atlanta National.
  • Situated around 40 minutes north of Atlanta, residents and members have easy access to the modern and urban conveniences found in the state capital of Georgia.
  • The Manor’s real estate market is characterized by architectural masterpieces. Take your pick from among the gated community’s collection of classically designed and timeless European and American-style residences. These estates may have traditional and neo-traditional designs, but they come with the most modern of amenities.
  • Students residing in The Manor have access to excellent educational opportunities as the community is served by the nationally distinguished Fulton County Schools. FCS is one of Georgia’s oldest school districts and was included in Money Magazine’s list of the “Top 100 School Districts in Places You Can Afford” in 2011.

Community Features and Amenities

  • 7,200 yard, 18-hole Tom Watson signature golf course
  • 24-hour gated community
  • 32,000 sq. ft. clubhouse that offers fine dining options and houses a golf pro-shop and banquet/conference facilities
  • A tennis complex with 16 outdoor courts and 4 indoor courts
  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • Golf training facility
  • Children’s playground area
  • Two junior Olympic-sized swimming pools

Country Club of the South in Alpharetta GA, Fulton County

Considered as one of the most desirable addresses in Georgia, The Country Club of the South boasts nothing but the finest community amenities, beautifully landscaped boulevards, and stately homes within a lush and sprawling 900-acre development. Situated along the banks of the Chattahoochee River, this exclusive gated enclave creates a relaxing environment for its residents, who also delight in the trademark warmth and hospitality that the South is famous for.

Quick Facts

  • The County Club of the South’s private, 18-hole golf course is known for being one of the trickiest courses that Jack Nicklaus has ever designed in Georgia. The golf course, with its rolling terrain and groves of hickory, dogwood, and oak trees, is sure to challenge golfers of all skill levels. Nicklaus considers this Signature course to be one of his best works.
  • Some of the most luxurious residences in North Atlanta are found in this Alpharetta golf community. European-style and Traditional-style residences built on oversized lots dominate the real estate market, most of which feature stunning golf, park, and lake views.
  • Residents have access to a top-performing school system. The community is served by Fulton County Schools, which serves over 95,000 students from Alpharetta and its surrounding areas. The school district has been granted the Magna Award twice by the National School Boards Association for excellence in engagement and innovation.
  • The Country Club of the South is just a short drive away from the myriad shopping, cultural, and entertainment centers of North Atlanta.

Community Features and Amenities

  • 24-hour gated community with a fully staffed security force and 6.5 mile fenced perimeter
  • A Jack Nicklaus-designed 18-hole championship golf course
  • Community Recreation Center and Pool Pavilion
  • A private Country Club complex featuring state-of-the-art facilities, exquisite dining options, a Junior Olympic-sized swimming pool, and a tennis center
  • Playgrounds with picnic areas
  • Community park and sports field

Sugarloaf Country Club in Duluth GA, Gwinnett County

Located on approximately 1,200 acres of rolling hills in the Georgia countryside, Sugarloaf Country Club is often numbered among the most exclusive and prestigious communities in North Atlanta. The gated community enjoys the ultimate in privacy and serenity all while having access to the plethora of business and entertainment opportunities that Duluth offers. Sugarloaf Country Club is also situated right off Interstate 85, making Downtown Atlanta just a short drive away.

Quick Facts

  • The area where Sugarloaf Country Club now lies used to be Sugarloaf Farms, a private equestrian farm renowned for breeding prize cattle and Tennessee walking horses.
  • The country club is home to TPC Sugarloaf, which features no less than 27 holes of superb golf. Legendary Australian golfer Greg Norman designed the three 9-hole courses and TPC Sugarloaf has earned the distinction of being one of the best residential golf courses in the Southeast and the country. TPC Sugarloaf’s original nine-hole pair – The Meadows and The Stables – together comprise a par of 72 championship course. The award-winning golf course used to host the AT&T Classic, Atlanta’s only PGA tour event.
  • Sprawling estate homes dominate the housing options in this golf community. Sugarloaf’s equestrian roots are well reflected in the European-style single-family residences found within the neighborhood. There are approximately 1,000 homes built in Sugarloaf.
  • Most homes come with a gourmet kitchen, a recreation room, a luxurious master suite, a swimming pool, and more than enough room for a backyard. Other homes feature in-law suites, a gym, and a circular driveway.

Community Features and Amenities

  • 24-hour security and a gated entrance
  • Three nine-hole Greg Norman-designed courses, a 10-acre practice facility, and other golf facilities
  • 60,000 sq. ft. clubhouse with ballrooms, a playground, a state-of-the-art fitness facility
  • 10-acre Sugarloaf Park
  • Access to some of the best schools in Georgia
  • Tennis center with clay and Har-True all-weather courts
  • Community pools (a junior pool, a toddler’s pool, and an Olympic-sized pool)

Guide to Buying Foreclosures in Atlanta

Atlanta was one of the cities that were hit hard by the foreclosure crisis. In 2013, a record number of investors in Atlanta took advantage of the situation and bought out a lot of the foreclosed properties – in fact, over 8,000 homes were bought from 2008 to 2011. A lot of the buyers have opted to rent out these properties, meeting the growing demand for rentals as many people have decided to keep on renting.

Things have definitely been looking up, however. As of the middle of last year, the Greater Atlanta area was already experiencing a sustained momentum when it comes to increased homes sales and inventory. During this time, foreclosures took a significant share in the number of home sales in Atlanta, which in turn prompted an increase in home prices.

Why buy foreclosed property?

Distressed property can be availed for purchase under the following phases:

  • Pre foreclosure
  • Auction sale
  • Real estate-owned (REO)
  • Government-owned

There are many benefits to buying foreclosed property from a motivated seller in the pre-foreclosure phase. Aside from getting the property at a price much lower than the market purchase price, sellers are also more likely to conduct repairs and maintenance of the property in an attempt to have it sold at a faster rate. When the property is under an auction sale, you will be bidding against lenders. REO properties on the other hand, are already lender owned property. Last but not the least are foreclosed properties that are government owned – perhaps the property that takes the longest to process due to the bulk of paperwork that it involves.

It is also important to note, however, that foreclosed property also has its disadvantages – buyers don’t get to avail of a warranty protection that you will get from a brand new property built by a trusted builder, for example.

With Atlanta offering a wide selection of foreclosed homes to choose from, and with low prices and amicable interest rates, choosing to invest in a foreclosed property here is a good move. Since the process of purchasing a foreclosed home sometimes put the buyer at a higher risk, however, it’s a good idea to consult with an expert who’s familiar with the process.

Guide to Buying a Luxury Home in Atlanta, Georgia

Why buy property in Atlanta?

What makes Atlanta a great place to purchase real estate right now and more than ever is the fact that rental price as percentage after tax mortgage payments are at 151.2%. With the median home price change from 2006 to 2010 being -33.2%, the real estate climate in Atlanta has made it a desirable venue for investing in property. In fact, the city has topped both Fortune magazine and Deutsche Bank’s list of the best cities for homebuyers to invest in the United States.

When it comes to luxury real estate, Atlanta offers a diverse and first-rate selection of upscale property that will surely satisfy even those with the most discriminating of tastes.

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous villa, a rambling estate, an executive home, or a luxury condo or townhome, here are some of the things you may want to take note of in the process of buying a luxury home here.

Hire an agent you trust                                                                         

One of the salient aspects of the whole buying process is finding the right real estate agent who has the following qualities: First, the agent must be knowledgeable and experienced in luxury properties. Second, you should be able to have complete confidence in your agent – make sure to review his/her credentials and sales portfolio. Third, the real estate agent you hire should be knowledgeable about the neighborhoods and up-to-date on the latest trends in Atlanta real estate.

Research and money matters

Before putting down an offer on the home, it is always advisable to do your due diligence. You will want to get an appraisal to know more about the property you’re eyeing, for one, and you’ll also want to learn as much as you can about the neighborhood and how property values are in the area.

If you’ve already decided on a property, be careful on making an offer that is too low, even if you’re planning on paying with cash. Do take note that it does not necessarily mean that you’ll gain an upper hand against a buyer who will be paying via a loan who may be more willing to offer a larger amount.

The devil is in the details

Inspect the property thoroughly. Luxury homes often come with more square footage and lots of details to check out. Make sure to consider what makes every home you view unique and special. Take your time in keeping note of the special details that come with the house – things like intricate wood detailing or perhaps a built-in security system. It’s especially helpful to seek the help of home inspectors to do a full scan of your home so you know what exactly is in the property you are considering purchasing.

Country Club Communities in Atlanta

Atlanta is known for the abundance of golf course and country club communities that can be found here, offering a diversity of residential havens for homebuyers to choose from.

What makes Atlanta such an ideal place to live and part of the reason why a lot of golfing communities can be found here is due to the city’s ideal temperate climate, which is preferred by golfers everywhere. The climate is also great for various outdoor recreational activities, making the city the place to be for people who are looking to lead an active outdoor lifestyle.

With all these and more it’s no wonder why the area has become the area of choice among developers wanting to build beautiful communities that offer easy access to a wide array of topnotch schools, shopping, retail and entertainment destinations. Some developments even feature their own community shopping facilities, making living in these communities a truly wonderful experience that is the embodiment of convenience and luxury.

In Atlanta, you’ll find everything from luxury golf communities that offer world-class golf as well as various fitness and recreational amenities to more specialized communities that offer resort-style living that cater to individuals with a various array of hobbies from archery to fishing, horseback riding and croquet to everything in between.

There are more than 33 golf and country club communities in Atlanta, 16 of which are partially or fully gated communities. Depending on the community, some would require full or optional country club membership.

Home of Luxury Real Estate

Metro Atlanta is home to 28 Fortune 1000 companies, which include companies like Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, SunTrust Banks and many others. All of these provide a significant amount of revenue into the city and fuel the economy. Many of these companies’ business executives reside in Atlanta area country club communities along with their families.

Golf Communities in Atlanta

Atlanta has a terrific climate that’s perfectly suited for golf. Residents can enjoy the sport throughout most of the year, with only a handful of days during the winter that may render courses unplayable.

A wide range of fantastic golf communities and neighborhoods are scattered all throughout the 13 counties in Metro Atlanta, available for any type of budget. Some communities enjoy access to private golf courses, while others feature semi-private or public courses, with the latter being more affordable. Golfing communities also typically boast other top-notch features and amenities, which include tennis courts, playgrounds, parks, and swimming pools.

If your dream is to live in a community with easy access to world-class golf courses, you’ve definitely come to the right place. There are plenty of excellent options to choose from. Here are a few of them:

Polo Golf & Country Club

Members of the Polo Golf & Country Club in northern Atlanta enjoy access to four championship golf courses, lighted tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centers, and clubhouses, as well as unparalleled service, and luxurious membership benefits.

Champions View and Trophy Club Golf Homes

Homes at Champions View in Alpharetta feature picturesque golf course views and direct access to the 18-hole Trophy Country Club golf course. Here, members of the community enjoy a relaxing country club lifestyle and a plethora of great amenities such as lighted tennis courts, a swimming pool, and more.


This luxurious master-planned golf community in Alpharetta is located along the pristine shores of Lake Windward, where residents can enjoy easy access to the area’s very own marina, the Windward Lake Club, and the prestigious Golf Club of Georgia, a 36-hole private club membership golf course. This excellent golf course has won numerous awards and has hosted several notable golf tournaments such as the Nationwide Senior Open.