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Country Club Communities in Atlanta

Atlanta is known for the abundance of golf course and country club communities that can be found here, offering a diversity of residential havens for homebuyers to choose from.

What makes Atlanta such an ideal place to live and part of the reason why a lot of golfing communities can be found here is due to the city’s ideal temperate climate, which is preferred by golfers everywhere. The climate is also great for various outdoor recreational activities, making the city the place to be for people who are looking to lead an active outdoor lifestyle.

With all these and more it’s no wonder why the area has become the area of choice among developers wanting to build beautiful communities that offer easy access to a wide array of topnotch schools, shopping, retail and entertainment destinations. Some developments even feature their own community shopping facilities, making living in these communities a truly wonderful experience that is the embodiment of convenience and luxury.

In Atlanta, you’ll find everything from luxury golf communities that offer world-class golf as well as various fitness and recreational amenities to more specialized communities that offer resort-style living that cater to individuals with a various array of hobbies from archery to fishing, horseback riding and croquet to everything in between.

There are more than 33 golf and country club communities in Atlanta, 16 of which are partially or fully gated communities. Depending on the community, some would require full or optional country club membership.

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Metro Atlanta is home to 28 Fortune 1000 companies, which include companies like Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, SunTrust Banks and many others. All of these provide a significant amount of revenue into the city and fuel the economy. Many of these companies’ business executives reside in Atlanta area country club communities along with their families.

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