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A luxury home's living room themed with a cream color

Saira and Adeel Khalid

Anisa was kind and pleasant to work with right from the beginning. She was extremely patient with us as our needs evolved. We initially wanted to build a new house – she helped us look for land. After looking at multiple properties we realized that we might be better off buying an existing property and making the desired improvements. After months of looking, we finally found the property that we liked and she helped us every step of the way. She was always available to answer questions. We were impressed by her patience especially when she had to drive over an hour each way to show us properties in the area we were interested in. She showed genuine interest and care for our family and kids. At one point, she even looked after our kids in the car while we went in to see the property with the owner. We would highly recommend Anisa to all our friends and family.