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A luxury home's living room themed with a cream color

Alexander and Darlene Dunlap

“Professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and organized real estate agents/builders with a legal and builders design background. We were truly blessed to have Anisa and Max as our real estate agents. Our Journey began with a consultation over a cup of coffee to discuss our budget, location, priorities, style of home, etc. We also discussed the best way to achieve our goals. Anisa also walked us through the purchasing and closing process. They found us beautiful homes that met our criteria. Once we chose a home, she quickly submitted an offer and managed the processed through closing… keeping us informed and letting us know of tasks we needed to complete. Max and Anisa made our journey of purchasing our dream home a pleasant and memorable one!” – Alexander and Darlene Dunlap

Response from Max and Anisa:

“You are a true joy to work with! Thank you for taking our advices and expanding your horizons. With our team approach, we got you your DREAM HOME. We are always here for you if you ever need us. Enjoy your beautiful home!”

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